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Quebec Kippa in the News

Quebec Kippa in the News


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CTV National News - December 11, 2013 @ 7:15pm
Rabbi Yisroel Bernath speaks to Dan Matheson about the Quebec Kippa LIVE on CTV News.
Dan Delmar and Jean-Francois Lisee on the Exchange - CJAD 800 - December 11, 2013 @ 9:30pm
Dan Delmar introduced Mr. Lisée to Rabbi Yisroel Bernath of Chabad NDG, the creator of the Quebec Kippah. He designed them following the PQ's unveiling of the Charter of Values. Rabbi Bernath expressed to the Minister the sadness and pain felt in the Jewish community over this piece of proposed legislation.
by Zvi Hershcovich, - December 11, 2013
Last night, Jean Francois Lisee, a member of the National Assembly representing the Parti Quebecois in the Rosemont district who is also the minister of international relations and the minister responsible for the Montreal region, was on CJAD’s the Exchange with Dan Delmar for two hours, where he was grilled on many topics, including Bill 60....
by Mitch Stern, - December 8, 2013
eople of Québec who want to make both a fashionable and political statement are wearing Fleur-de-lis covered kippot.
The Times of Israel reports that Rabbi Yisroel Bernath designed the kippa to protest Bill 60, a bill that would ban on the wearing of religious symbols in the public of Quebec...
by Zak Edwards, Shalom Life - December 9th, 2013
...Rabbi Yisroel Bernath has started making kippots with the fleur-de-lis on them to publicly show his opposition to the bill. In an interview with The Times of Israel, Bernath said, that “the best way to protest the charter is to wear religious symbols,” and the idea is gaining momentum...
By Renee Ghert-Zand, Times of Israel - December 6, 2013
Montreal-based Rabbi Yisroel Bernath protests controversial Bill 60 by creating kippot plastered with the Fleur-de-lis....
The kippot are the brainchild of a young Montreal rabbi who felt it was time for Jewish Quebecers to wear their opposition to Bill 60 not only on their sleeves, but also on their heads.
CTV Montreal - Thursday December 6, 2013
Rabbi Yisroel Bernath is an unlikely local fashion sensation. “I'm walking down the street and people are giving me high fives, they're giving me thumbs up, they're all excited,” said Rabbi Yisroel Bernath. Bernath has been wearing a creation of his own design, a religious headpiece that features Quebec’s fleur-de-lys...
by Zvi Hershcovich, - December 5, 2013
When Rabbi Yisroel Bernath of Chabad of NDG set out to create what he calls the “Q-Kippah,” a Yarmulke covered in Quebec flags, he didn’t think it would create a stir and draw out some of the more xenophobic members of society...
by Anne Cohen, The Jewish Daily Forward - December 3, 2013
A proposed law that would ban all religious attire from the public sector has Jews in Quebec on edge. One rabbi has found a clever way to fight the dreaded kippah ban: he stamped his head covering with the blue-and-white Fleur-de-lys — the province’s flag....
Auteur: Jean-Christophe Laurence, La Presse - 29 Novembre 2013
Journalist Jean-Christophe Laurence and Videographer Mathieu Waddell followed around Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, talking about La Charte and the Quebec Kippa.

Filmed at the Rohr Chabad of NDG & Loyola Campus and Rodals Judaica