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Synagogue, Community and Family

Synagogue, Community and Family


The Monkland Community Synagogue

Our synagogue is not your ordinary Shul. It's that place you like to go to find Spirituality, Peace, Mingle and Hang. It's the place that sits in your heart forever... come give it a try. You won't be let down. There is always lots of singing, explanations and great food!

We have services every Saturday at 10 AM.

Sponsor a Kiddush in honour of yahrzeit or special event!
Where to find your kosher eats.
To unite our community by volunteering to bake and distribute Challot to NDGers in need of acts of kindness. To teach our children the importance of giving and sharing while spreading love, warmth and joy to our Jewish neighbours.
High Holidays are approaching and we are planning a fantastic program for you!

Inspirational, Educational, Small, Warm Community, Easy-to-follow Service, Lots of English Prayers and Explanations, Special Children's Program, Right in Your Own Backyard.