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2008-2010 Photos

2008-2010 Photos

From Classes to holiday Parties and everything inbetween here's a little snipet of what's happening.

Do have pics to add? Send em' in!
Over 600 people crowded into Salle Brebeuf for Montreal's First Jewish Comedy Fest. Featuring Joey Elias, Joel Chasnoff and Aaron Freeman.
Toys for a Smile volunteers wrapped gifts at the Chai Center that were later delivered to Montreal Children in Hospitals and Underprivledged homes.
Close to 100 Young Professionals crowded into the rabbis home for an evening of Sushi, Sukkah and lots of fun!
Chanukah 2008, from the parties to the Menorah Mobile. Check out the action!
100s stuffed the Chabad NDG for a night of celebration, l'chaims and Torahs.
Joey Elias, Yisrael Campbell and Marc Salem took over the stage at Loyola's Oscar Peterson Hall for an evening of wit and wonder.
Over 150 people crowded into our brand new Chabad centre for a night of lights, drinks, eats and music.
Students and Young Families in NDG gathered for a day of latkes, games, shows and lots of fun!
Four days in New York City with hundreds of students from all over the world!
Here is a small gimpse into the classes going on at Chabad on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Close to 200 crowded into Chabad for an evening of Music, Mingling and lots of L'chaims!
Reknowned Mumbai Sitarist Partha Bose performs at the Chabad. An incredible evening of insight and transformation.
What a perfect day for a BBQ. The Chabad House driveway trasformed into a wonderful day in the sun.
An overflowing group filled Chabad for the weekly Wednesday Night Relationships Class for Students and YP's.
Close to 200 Students and YP's packed into a transformed Chabad House for an evening of mingling and fun. From a full bar, tons of food, awesome lounge to a fantastic program, overflow outside, raffle and more... an absolutely unforgettable evening.

Photo Credit: Menachem Serraf Studios.