NDG Potluck BBQ.jpg

This event is NDG style- pot luck! Please choose an item or two from the post below and comment what you will bring. I will update the list regularly to reflect your choices. If you can't bring something, please consider giving a donation to help cover costs.

Together with our neighbours, we can celebrate Lag B'omer and mother's day as a family! We can meet new people and enjoy a nice Sunday out together. Please bring your outdoor toys to share- bubbles, chalk, balls, etc. and your smiles :)

In case of rain we will meet at Chabad, 6058 Sherbrooke. Stay posted on Sunday, May 14 for updates about location.

We hope to see you all there!



Hey all! Chayale here. Here are a list of the things I thought of. Please email me at chayale@JewishMonkland.com with your choice and I will update this list regularly. Of course, if you think of something else, shout it out!

Please remember that all food must be KOSHER, BOUGHT and must be NON DAIRY. Everything can be SPLIT so you can take HALF or a THIRD of something. Just comment specifics. Thanks Peeps. This is gonna be fun.

- 4 Kosher Meat grills- Hershkys 2

-100 GLATT KOSHER (glatts, mitzleilei, continental, aarons) HOT DOGS

-100 GLATT KOSHER burgers (same story as hot dogs)

-100 HOT DOG BUNS (POM or kosher bakery pls)

-100 BURGER BUNS (POM or kosher bakery pls)

- 2 ketchups

- 2 mustards

- 1 relish

- Coleslaw from Kosher store (Big amt)

- Fresh Salad- SARA

- Potato Salad- CHAYALE

- Drinks- soda, water, beer?

- Dessert- 100 Cookies

- 8 big bags Chips

- Watermelon cut up - CHANIE

- Ice

- 200 plastic cups

- 200 plastic plates

- 6 plastic tablecloths

- Boombox with Jewish music

- Bubbles for kids

- Soccer ball

- Fun get to know each other better game- CHAYALE

- Musical Instruments for a Jam Session