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Who said prayer is all about the guys?

The average Jewish woman's prayer experience starts and ends with synagogue, but is that really all there is to it? From that experience, it may often seem like prayer is for the men, and women are just allowed to join from the sidelines.


The link between women and the unparalleled power of their prayers goes back to the beginning of our history. 

Join Emanuella at the beginning of each Jewish month on a journey of exploring what it really means to have a conversation with G‑d, fitting prayer into our lives, the beauty of the Jewish prayer book, the struggle of prayer, and more. 

Each meeting will feature discussion as well as a Kabbalistic peek into the new Jewish month and mystical insights into the Jewish prayer book and Psalms. 

Let's come together, tap into our unique power as modern Jewish women, and change our world with our words!


The second meeting will take place, G‑d willing, on Sunday December 17 at 11:00am.

Location: Chabad NDG 

Light Refreshments Will Be Served | $5 Suggested Donation

For more information, email Emanuella at chabadndg@gmail.com