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Photos & Videos

Photos & Videos

December 27, 2016 @ Chabad NDG
The NDG Jewish Community enjoyed an incredible interactive Chanukah Experience. Fun for everyone! A special thank you to Suzie Epelbaum & Sara Dorfman Bernath for arranging the event, Zvi Hershcovich and the rabbis and rebbitzins for the incredible interactive Chanukah and Lia Loebernberg for the Hennas.
November 19, 2016 @ Chabad NDG
October 20, 2016 @ Chabad NDG
September 8, 2016
March 23, 2016 @ Grevin Wax Museum, Montreal
Thank you for making this Purim Party so incredible!

A special thanks to all of our volunteers and partners. A special thanks to Katherine & Zalmy Haouzi, Maria Yordanova, Isabelle & Rob Kape, Mitchell Frank, Eric Klein, Joseph Pleet, Jason Zuckerman, Carole Bibas, Severine & Louis Glazer, Jeremy Tordjman, Rabbi Yosh & Chani Berkowicz, Rabbi Zvi & Chayale Hershcovich, Alex Silber, Shlomi Cohen Lana and Anna Issakova, Yonah Ledezma, Shaun Nishmas, Tamara Tannenbaum, Aylon Wisbaum, Sharon Schmerer, Sinai Scholars Society, Chabad at Concordia University, Chabad NDG, Hillel Concordia, Ometz, Gesher Montreal, SawYouAtSinai, Concordia Student Union everyone we missed.
17 Concordia students graduated Sinai Scholars. A special ceremony took place, featuring reflections from graduates and a special guest lecture by Dr. Elliot Kravitz.

A special thanks to Maria Yordanova for coordinating.
Sunday January 24, 2016 @ 6:30pm at Chabad NDG - 4020 Hingston
An incredible community Tu B'Shvat Seder, featuring an incredible Jazz Trip with SuLE and Denis Yehuda Chiche.

A special thanks to Mitchell Simon, Arlette Assayag, Arie Daniel, Alice Igbhy, Sara Bernath, Rob Kape, Shira Aviel, Vered Kamer & Eric Klein for making the event so special!
Wednesday December 16, 2015 at Chabad NDG
It was our honour to host Dr. Ira Robinson, Chair in Canadian Jewish Studies at Concordia University for a special fim screening and discussion on the Disputations of Barcelona.

A special event hosted by Kia Rassekh.
The NDG Jewish Community enjoyed a fantastic Chanukah celebration. Bowling, Sufagniot, Latkes and treats, Arts & Crafts followed by a special Menorah lighting udshering in the 1st night of Chanukah 2015

A special thanks to Chayale Hershocvich, Chani Berkowicz and Sara Bernath for organizing this fantastic event.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped setup and cleanup.

A special thanks to Quilles G Plus Rose Bowl for accomodating us so nicely.
Thursday November 26, 2015 @ Chabad NDG
Award Winning Lecturer Dr. Binyomin Abrams spoke to a full house at Chabad NDG about Kabbalah & Science. Followed by a sweet table provided by Irisistible.
Thursday October 1, 2015 @ Chabad NDG
Jumping Castle + Hot Cocoa + Pizza + Live Music + Shaking the Lulav + Smiling Faces + Roasting Marshmellows = One very spectacular "Pizza in the Hut" Sukkot Celebration.
A HUGE shout out to Chayale Hershcovich for organizing an incredible event!
A special thanks to Severince Coen.
August 20-23, 2015 on Monkland Ave.
Our annual booth at the Monkland Street Festival.
Wednesday May 13, 2015 @ Chabad NDG
Over 50 people volunteered to braid and bake Challahs and distribute them distributed to NDG Jews is need of a hug and blessing.

Volunteers kneaded and mix ten batches of Challah. Fifty pounds of flour and sixty eggs later, every surface in the Chabad kitchen was covered with bowls of rising dough waiting to be braided and baked.

After topping the 110 Challahs with sesame and poppy seeds, the Challahs were baked. The kids decorated brown bags with stickers, pictures and a friendly label that said “Shabbat Shalom from your friends at Chabad NDG.

A special thanks to Chayale Hershcovich, Sara Bernath, Chani Berkowitz, Carole Bibas and Severine Coen for arranging the event
Monday May 11, 2015 @ Chabad NDG
May 7, 2015 @ Chabad NDG
Over 50 families enjoyed a traditional Lag BaOmer BBQ. Complete with games for the adults and the kids, a bouncing castle and lots more...